Welcome to the Piddini lab!

Our group is interested in how cells coordinate tissue colonisation in health and disease.

Did you know that cells compete?

No two cells are alike in our bodies and cells that are fitter than their neighbours can outcompete them. We call them winners as they outcompete their neighbours by inducing cell death, differentiation or extrusion. Cells that are outcompeted and eliminated are then called losers.

Our lab studies how our cells compete and how that impacts tissue colonisation in health and disease. We use a range of model systems including Drosophila in vivo models of epithelia (wing discs) and of stem cell compartments (adult intestine), 2D mammalian in vitro cell culture models (epithelial cell lines, primary bronchial epithelial cells and keratinocytes).

We are a research group located in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol UK 

Our Science is supported by The Wellcome Trust, and Cancer Research UK.