News from and about the lab


And…It’s out!

Jan 2021. So excited to begin this year with the release of our story on the role of proteotoxis stress in cell competition in NCB!

Congratulations on your Phd Michael!

Congratulations, Michael – you are a PhD! What an amazing job you have done at finishing your thesis and competing the revisions of your paper all during lockdown. You are a star!


oh no… it’s lockdown!

March, 2020. We are shutting down… Well OK…we have Zoom… and Slack…and lots and lots to quantify, read, and discuss, Work moves at home. Here some of the strategies that we have come up with to prepare and adapt. Stay safe everyone! See you in person some time soon.

Double CongratulationS, Medhavi!

Big news, our very own biophysicist postdoc is a PI! Congratulations Medhavi on getting a PI position at the Indian Institute of Science. Amazing stuff. And if that were not enough congrats on your adorable baby girl! Way to go!


Eugenia receives the HookE medal!

We are delighted that Eugenia has received the Hooke medal from the British Society of Cell Biology! Click here for an interview of Eugenia in the Journal of Cell Science on her Hooke medal win,

CongratulationS again Michael!

So the sad news is that Michael has left the lab … The amazing news is that he is starting med School at UPenn in Philly. Congrats and looking forward to seeing you shine!

Welcome Jules!

We are excited to welcome Jules Lavalou to our lab! Jules is a very experienced Drosophilist and has a long-lasting interest in cell communication. So a perfect Match for our group. Looking forward to working together!

Oh Yes, back in the lab!

We are delighted to have been given the go ahead! Back in teh lab! Occupancy is at 30% but hey we take anything right now…

If you thought cell competition was not cool enough…read this.

Feature article on cell competition in Nature: These secret battles between your body’s cells might just save your life. It features lots of exciting work on cell competition from several groups worldwide, including work from us